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Our IUD is simple, smart and sophisticated, based on physics and geometry. This unique frameless nonhormonal IUD is designed to conform to a woman’s body and improve upon the outdated T-shape frame to address the significant insertion pain and ‘fear factor’ that prevents many women from getting one of the most effective forms of birth control.

The three small elliptical magnetic shapes of our IUD are inserted individually and self-assembled into a stable triangle that floats gently in the uterus. Our Glider for insertion is far less painful and a simple magnetic retriever completes the cycle – no strings needed.

Dr. Carlos Gradil, a world renown veterinary reproductive specialist designed this frameless magnetic intrauterine device for horses. He understood the need for birth control In horses, especially for performance horses In competitions. Like the early Middle East traders inserting pebbles into their camels, fort years glass marbles were placed in the uterus of mares for just that purpose. However, in some cases the glass ball was spontaneously expelled, and many mares did not conceive subsequentto glass ball removal. Complications were also reported including glass shards adhering to the endometrium.

Dr. Carlos Gradil 3Daughters Inventor Veterinary reproductive specialist UMass Equine Program iUPOD frameless magnetic intrauterine device magnetic IUD

Dr. Gradil devised the initial frameless magnetic IUD sized for horses as a self-assembling intrauterine device (iUpod) consisting of three elliptically shaped units each with a magnetic core. He demonstrated that the iUpod when inserted into mares prevented pregnancy, was retained in the uterus, with normal pre/post endometrlal architecture, and 100% of the mares bred successfully in the following season.

With this data in hand along with the established effectiveness of copper as a spermicide, 3Daughters approached the FDA and received feedback on our clinical development program. We are now preparing an IND (Investigational New Drug Application) to file with the FDA and begin our clinical testing in women.

We are just beginning to develop the potential of our unique technology and will be exploring other conditions, such as fibroids and abnormal bleeding, that could benefit from targeted therapy to the uterus.

The 3Daughters technology of three elliptically shaped units carrying active pharmaceutical agents to the uterus provides an opportunity to deliver copper, a proven spermicide, to the middle of the uterus. Unlike the outdated T-shape frame which needs to go to the top of the uterus (fundus) for accurate placement between the fallopian tubes, the 3Daughters self-assembling stable triangular shape need only be inserted past the cervix into the middle of the uterus. This more flexible placement eliminates the need for sounding which is used to measure the length of the uterus for accurate placement of the T-shape frame. Anything touching the top of the uterus (for example, a metal sounding device or the T-shape frame itself) represents pain points for patents. With the 3Daughters magnetic elliptical system, at least two pain points will be eliminated during the IUD insertion procedure. Our advanced Glider for insertion is designed for a woman’s anatomy and with more flexibility than the other applicators that are currently available. This will also pave the way for the 3Daughters delivery system to treat other conditions occurring in the uterus, including fibroids and abnormal uterine bleeding.

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