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R&D in women’s health has been historically neglected…
current contraceptive methods don’t meet the needs of all
women and girls.” – The Gates Foundation

Simple, Smart and Sophisticated

IUDs are one of the most effective and preferred forms of birth control. The reasons for this are simple: IUDs are very effective (>99%), have a history of relative safety, can be left in place for up to 10 years and don’t require much on the part of the patient. Despite these positive aspects, many women are scared away from selecting an IUD because of the insertion pain. 3Daughters’ simple, smart, and sophisticated frameless IUD addresses this ‘fear factor’ with an innovative, less threatening design and a unique inserter/retriever system designed to eliminate three insertion pain points.

How is the 3Daughters IUD different from current IUDs?

The frameless 3Daughters IUD is based on physics and geometry, whereby three small elliptical magnetic shapes are inserted into the uterus and self-assemble into a stable triad configuration that conforms to a woman’s body. Unlike the rigid plastic T-shaped frame of current IUDs, the 3Daughters IUD’s elliptical triad adapts to the uterine environment and is expected to float gently throughout menstrual cycle changes. Combined with our patented Slider™ system for insertion and retrieval, the 3Daughters IUD experience is designed to eliminate at least three pain points of the current IUD insertion procedure. In addition, we have eliminated the need for and nuisance of strings; a simple magnetic retriever completes the cycle when removal is needed. No more nasty IUD strings (like ‘fishing line’) protruding from your cervix.

The unique 3Daughters IUD and Slider™ system (for insertion/retrieval) was designed for both the practitioner and the patient to make the IUD itself and the process for its insertion easier, with fewer steps and less pain.

How is the 3Daughters IUD inserted?

Each of the three individual elliptical magnetic units that comprise our frameless IUD are inserted sequentially using 3Daughters’ unique inserter: the i-Slider™. Our i-Slider for insertion ‘slides’ easily through the cervix with a specially designed tip that is flexible and bendable, allowing a practitioner to ease the IUD gently into the uterus without the need for a tenaculum (forceps used to ‘grab’ the cervix to allow entry into the uterus). The tenaculum is a significant pain point during IUD insertion, and the 3Daughters i-Slider eliminates this step and its associated pain point. Once inserted, the three elliptical magnets immediately self-assemble into a triangular ring shape to adopt the lower energy triad conformation. This distinctive configuration minimizes the magnetic energy of the system, achieving a complete circuit of magnetic flux closure, creating a stable triangle that floats gently in the uterus.

How is the 3Daughters IUD removed?

No strings are needed for retrieval of the 3Daughters IUD. The nuisance of dangling strings (like pieces of ‘fishing line’) hanging out of your cervix is gone, along with any disruption during sex for you and/or your partner. The 3Daughters IUD and Slider system is designed to offer an easy and less painful IUD experience, with no strings attached!

A simple magnetic r-Slider™ (for retrieval) completes the cycle when our IUD needs to be removed. The r-Slider is designed with a stronger magnetic tip to attract and withdraw the three elliptical units sequentially, in one continuous removal step.

How did the 3Daughters IUD come to be?

3Daughters’ innovative design is based on a self-assembling magnetic device developed as a contraceptive for horses by world-renowned veterinary reproductive specialist Dr. Carlos Gradil*, who was looking to address the need for a long-term safe and effective contraceptive, particularly for performance horses. Dr. Gradil invented and tested a frameless magnetic self-assembling IUD (intrauterine device), the iUPOD®, consisting of three elliptically-shaped units that self-assemble into a triad formation when inserted into the uterus of a horse. He proved the contraceptive efficacy and safety, and the ability of the IUD to be retained in the uterus. All mares in his studies went on to successfully breed the following season. Peer-reviewed publications of Dr. Gradil’s results can be found in Animal Reproductive Science and Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

*Carlos Gradil, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT serves as an Adjunct Professor, Reproductive Specialist, and Theriogenologist at Tufts Equine Center in the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and an Extension Professor of Equine Reproductive Services at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Veterinary and Animal Science.

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How is 3Daughters innovating on the iUPOD?

3Daughters has licensed Dr. Gradil’s technology and is applying his innovation to human contraception to address the problems with the current T-shaped IUD. With access to Dr. Gradil’s extensive data and expertise, 3Daughters has adapted and optimized the self-assembling frameless design for the human female anatomy. Combined with our patented Slider™ system for insertion and retrieval, we are addressing the ‘fear factor’, pain points and other design aspects (strings) that keep women from selecting an IUD and having the most positive IUD experience.

How will the 3Daughters IUD deliver contraception to the uterus?

The 3Daughters technology of three elliptically shaped magnetic units coated with active pharmaceutical agents provides an opportunity to deliver copper, a proven spermicide, to the uterus for contraception. The outdated T-shaped frame has to be inserted to the top of the uterus (fundus) for accurate placement between the fallopian tubes. Anything touching the top of the fundus is a significant pain point for patients.

How will the 3Daughters IUD eliminate pain points and simplify the current IUD insertion process?

The 3Daughters self-assembling, stable triangular shape needs only to be inserted past the cervix into the middle of the uterus. This more flexible (forgiving) placement eliminates the need for ‘sounding’ which is used to measure the length of the uterus for accurate placement of the T-shaped frame. The sounder is a rigid instrument that is placed inside the uterus to directly measure the uterine cavity length. Once again, touching the top of the uterus represents a major pain point for patients.

With the 3Daughters’ magnetic elliptical system, up to three pain points will be eliminated during the IUD insertion procedure. Our advanced Slider for insertion has been developed for a woman’s anatomy with unique design elements providing superior flexibility compared to inserters/applicators currently on the market. This will also pave the way for the 3Daughters delivery system to treat other conditions occurring in the uterus, including fibroids and abnormal uterine bleeding.

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